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Edios eInfoGuard (Electronic Information Guard)

Edios eInfoGuard is a data de-identification tool which safeguards Protected Health Information (PHI). Our revolutionary solution provides an efficient, cost effective, and flexible method for individually masking each data field – offering the highest level of security while maintaining operational usability. Edios eInfoGuard assists Covered Entities and their Business Associates maintain regulatory compliance.

Why Data De Identify

Legal Requirements
Loss of Confidence and Public Relations Disasters
Malicious Exposure
Accidental Exposure

Edios eInfoGuard is a comprehensive solution for Data De-Identification of Development, Test, Training or Staging Databases by either masking or anonymizing the field values. Edios eInfoGuard supports multiple databases – Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase and MySQL.

In Edios eInfoGuard, a Profile can be created for Data De-Identification of any database. A Profile can have single or multiple rules and in one rule, single or multiple field values can be de-identified by using various techniques. Once the Profile is created for any database, it can be saved for future use for Data De-Identification of the same database when Production Database is restored in Development, Test, Training or Staging Environments.

eInfoGuard Features

Compliance and Risk Mitigation
User-Friendly and Flexible
Various De-Identification Techniques
Multiple DB Support (SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL)