Edios QA & Testing methods focus on the prevention and early detection of defects, as well as the traditional method of testing for defects at a later stage. This proactive approach allows reducing Total Cost of Quality (TCOQ) and thereby, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

In addition, Edios Testing framework and QA & Testing assets (People, Process, and Methods) are tied together by a robust governance model. The synergy of this framework increases efficiencies, maximizes return on testing investments, and improves quality to near-zero defects. Savings generated by the framework can be re-invested in new solutions to improve competitiveness.

Edios provides efficient, cost-effective solutions that stabilize or reduce client’s testing costs, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Quality Standards

To meet the agreed requirements of the customer in time and consistently, by constantly investing in employee development and process improvement, leading to continual quality improvement.

To be a market leader by enhancing customer satisfaction
Improve the competence of employees by continuous training in their areas of work
Involve front line people to improve process of cross-training, development and gap analysis
Demonstrate commitment and compliance to the Quality Management System
Adopt new processes with least wastages in all the services being offered to Customers
Reduce wastages across the company by reducing cost of poor quality (COPQ) by 30% every year
Study variance of processes of each of our groups by using tools like Statistical Quality Control (SQC) Error
Conduct Management and Operational Analysis etc. and reduce the gap in variance