Edios is highly inspired by Agile Methodology . Edios believes in delivering custom build solutions to client’s complex business requirement with the best mix of development practices like prototyping and iterative development that are in alignment with quality standards.

Stages in Edios Development Methodology

Requirement Engineering
System Architecting and Design
Core Development and Unit/Module Testing
Trial Implementation
User Acceptance Testing Support
Deployment and Release
Support and Maintenance

In the above shown Edios Methodology, the project development life cycle is shown in parallel with project management approach. The development methodology cycle goes in four stages. The project approach starts from inception phase and goes through subsequent phases of elaboration, construction and transition. Based on the requirements of the project, extensive documents are maintained in each stage of the project.

The development stages starts with requirement engineering which is followed by prototyping, system engineering and design, core development, testing, trial implementation, UAT support. Once the usability is accepted by our clients we deploy the system and final release is done. This is followed by post implementation support and maintenance. There is an overlap between each project development stage, depending on the nature of the project.

Benefit of Edios Development methodology:

We have realized the potential benefits of Edios Development methodology. These are as follows:

Customer Delight
Greater trust
Higher Reliability
Timely Execution of Project with on time delivery
Development of a flexible easy to use and modifiable system

Along with Edios’s, we practice following standard software development methodologies and practices at our Offshore Software Development Center at Mohali, India:

XP Programming
Functional Point Analysis
Personal Software Process (PSP)
Design Patterns