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Edios ePatHistory

Edios ePatHistory (Electronic Patient Medical History) is Android Tablet & Apple iPad based solution to capture the Patient Demographics, Insurance, Medical History, Allergies, Medications, Social History and other critical information required in primary care consultations. Patient’s most health encounters will result in some form of history being captured. The information obtained in this way, together with the physical examination, enables the physician and other health professionals to form a diagnosis and treatment plan. It is well accepted that diagnosis is revealed in the patient’s history.

ePatHistory (EPMH) Features

checked-checkbox-xxlEdios ePatHistory solution is Android Tablet & Apple iPad compatible with size from 7 to 10 inches
checked-checkbox-xxlDesigning of Custom Patient Medical History Form as per requirements of Individual Provider or Organization
checked-checkbox-xxlCapturing of Digital Signatures of Patients & Staff (Reviewer)
checked-checkbox-xxlPrint & Email functionality of Filled & Signed Patient Medical History Form
checked-checkbox-xxlOne Time Complete Data Entry and only Updates in future
checked-checkbox-xxlSupports integration with any EMR or EHR using Healthcare Standards & Protocols (HL7, RestAPI, Web Services etc.)
checked-checkbox-xxlSupports integration with any Document / Content Management System (DCMS) for storing Patient Medical History Forms
checked-checkbox-xxlHIPAA compliant software solution which has stringent security and privacy practices to protect patient’s health information. It follows strict and standardized procedures in areas of Access Controls and security

ePatHistory (EPMH) Benefits

checked-checkbox-xxlSave Paper & Save Environment
checked-checkbox-xxlAvoid Duplicate Data Entry
checked-checkbox-xxlAvoid Data Entry Errors & Typos
checked-checkbox-xxlAvoid Repetitive Filling of Paper Based Patient Medical History Form
checked-checkbox-xxlSave Patient Time for filling Paper Based Patient Medical History Form on each visit
checked-checkbox-xxlEmail Filled & Signed Patient Medical History Form to Patients