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Edios eInfoGuard (Electronic Information Guard)

Edios eInfoGuard is a data de-identification tool which safeguards Protected Health Information (PHI). Our revolutionary solution provides an efficient, cost effective, and flexible method for individually masking each data field – offering the highest level of security while maintaining operational usability. Edios eInfoGuard assists Covered Entities and their Business Associates maintain regulatory compliance.

Why Data De Identify

checked-checkbox-xxlLegal Requirements
checked-checkbox-xxlLoss of Confidence and Public Relations Disasters
checked-checkbox-xxlMalicious Exposure
checked-checkbox-xxlAccidental Exposure

Edios eInfoGuard is a comprehensive solution for Data De-Identification of Development, Test, Training or Staging Databases by either masking or anonymizing the field values. Edios eInfoGuard supports multiple databases – Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase and MySQL.

In Edios eInfoGuard, a Profile can be created for Data De-Identification of any database. A Profile can have single or multiple rules and in one rule, single or multiple field values can be de-identified by using various techniques. Once the Profile is created for any database, it can be saved for future use for Data De-Identification of the same database when Production Database is restored in Development, Test, Training or Staging Environments.

eInfoGuard Features

checked-checkbox-xxlCompliance and Risk Mitigation
checked-checkbox-xxlUser-Friendly and Flexible
checked-checkbox-xxlVarious De-Identification Techniques
checked-checkbox-xxlMultiple DB Support (SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL)